You are beautiful. Processing life genuinely. You’re raw and vulnerable. You’re brave. You’re full of joy and it overflows in your laughter. You’re heart is healing and it’s messy, but there is a childlike beauty and innocence through the process. The wisdom you carry from your processing is priceless. I am inspired by you. By […]


How I yearn for you. You whisper your coming, but the darkness says you lie. I am lost out in the dark, cluttered sky. The world is there still turning, but I’m destined to die. Alone in this place- drifting lost in space. I listened to the man on the moon one night I let […]

Invested from the Beginning

I had a dream- I was speaking on a stage. I don’t know if I was sharing a testimony or speaking a message, but I got the sense in my dream that I wasn’t in the same place as I was now. I was healthy and healed, I was embracing my destiny and living as […]


Today I was stupid…. I have been refusing to define what happened to me last summer and today I went looking for definitions….. I didn’t know how things were categorized- I didn’t want to use a general term and then be shamed because it was overdramatic…. but I also didn’t want to downplay- I can’t […]


Questions People twisting my ring Searching … confusion … Smiling uncomfortably almost remembering trigger thoughts Flashbacks shaking my head Flight, Fight- FREEZE can’t breathe my heart just skipped a beat please stop looking at me I don’t know what you want to see I have lost me What’s happening Oh God, send help My voice […]

Wonder’s Signs

I was going to go dance with BrightEyes she had texted me inviting me. She said that in her experience moving around in prayer and worship when you feel spiritually stuck can help shift things. I feel there is a truth to that. I was thirsty I wandered to get water. Wonder always worships in […]


You don’t expect me to make it on my own- you are the God who is running this race beside me laboring alongside me toward our success. You have taken my burdens and given me a yoke that is easy and light. You have knelt before me on your hands and knees to lay each […]