I cling to this anchor even though its weight is the one that pulls me to the ocean floor, slowly yet swiftly. It carries me from what I need to survive. Down into the depths and the dark, but I can’t let go, my grasp is weary, but I can’t let go. I grip the […]

Its a Love Story

God is actively pursuing you. He doesn’t withhold Himself from you. He chases after you with all that He is. He wants to be found by you. He is all around you, waiting to be found by you, drawing you to Himself. He delights in you. You can have as much of Him as you […]

God and McDonald’s

So the other week my brother and I were at McDonald’s- I’m not much for fast food and neither is he, but circumstamces had it that that was where we were. Some of our family from out of town were around and it was late so most of the other restaurants had closed. My brother […]

Growing Pains

So this is where we are, God and I. I have these demons— at this point I am honestly not sure if that is figurative or not, which almost scares me more. Anxiety- I get super freaked out about making decisions. My heart beats really fast and my head spins. My mind plays out the […]

I forget to remember

God you have blessed me with so much and while it is easy for me to get lost in the whirlwind of thoughts that are in my mind your truth still shines through, even on darkest nights. Let me tell you, this journey hasn’t been easy. I have been hurt by people- someday I will […]

The Caves

Sometimes if feel like instead of conquering the mountains I’m facing, God shows me different ways to travel to the other side of them. New dimensions and layers exposed in the tunnel cut through the rock of my opposition. He leads me hand in hand through the dark damp caves. Asking me to trust him, […]

Candid Rambling

Sometimes I feel lost. I have regrets. I’ve made mistakes. Many acctually. There are voices in my head that tell me many things about myself. They tell me I’m brave. They tell me I’m healthy. They tell me I’m tired. Sometimes they tell me no one wants me. Sometimes they paint a bleak image of […]