Heart over Brain

“I fall down upon the ground and press my face against the earth, until my heart it rises over my head…” These are the opening lyrics to Johnathon David and Melissa Helser’s song Find Me and it has been ringing in my heart through this season. Especially that last phrase, “until my heart rises over […]


What does it mean to be single minded? It’s a constant struggle- two paths ever before me, two streams of conscious thinking…. this sounds like a mental disorder…. I can hear God and His truth and see the light, but only through the cracks of the shattered vase I’m buried in. The lies of the […]

Breath on the Waters

In the morning you make the waters still. The clouds break and the dawn rises in the east. Your spirit hovers over the waters and your peace permeates the atmosphere. Your breath moves and awakens the day. My heart trembles before you and is flooded by the fullness of your glory. Your love compels me […]

Tell me who God is… Teach me to see Him moving… Show me His nature… Allow me to witness His goodness… Reveal to me His attributes… Let me see them abounding around me… Show me He is close… Teach me to hear His voice… Teach me to accept what He is saying… Teach me to […]

I am fine

fine Fine Fine. FINE. F.I.N.E. Feelings. I’m. Not. Expressing. F.I.N.E.! I hate me. I cringe at the thought of me. The voices in my head hate me too, they tell me to cut, they tell me to die. They kill the motivation I have to write, and sing, and paint, and draw, and read, and […]


I am flawed. I am twisted and conformed, pottered by many different winds of influence. He tells me He wants to be my one and only, I know in my heart that is where I need to be. I am afraid. I am afraid to lose my composer, I am afraid to cry. I fight […]