A filter of fear and doubt

I am not where I need to be with God- I can see Him moving in my life, but I don’t know His heart right now. I feel distanced from Him and I am afraid to say that out loud, because it would hurt me to see judgment or rejection from anyone who hears it. […]


How accurate is it that a few days ago I post about being at your house and my last memory with you was the happiest I’ve seen you in a couple years. Great Grandma I know you’re not doing so well right now, but I believe Jesus is going to come get you real soon. […]

March 2018

My Story I love Jesus. I love Him with all my heart. How accurate is it that I should start writing this with that. I think I could just end right there and call it completely good, but I have a story. In 2017 at the end of the summer God started putting on my […]


When I was a kid we would go out to South Dakota to visit my great grandma. After my great grandpa died she lived out on the farm all by herself and my mom four siblings and I would go spend nights out there to give her some company. I have so many lovely memories […]

Dad this hurt

He was kind when he offered to drive me to the library to return the book I had. He rarely brought me anywhere. I was always excited to ride with him. He was rebellious, he listened to music that Mom didn’t approve of and let me ride in the front seat. Sometimes he would bring […]

Dear Younger Me

Dear 11 year old me, It breaks my heart to think of you, just knowing everything that you will walk through. Hearing my own story as if it were someone else’s breaks my heart. I would never think of someone who has been through my testimony the way I think of myself. I would never […]