be close

Sometimes I sit and wait for you. My heart longing to hear you or see you or feel you. Any interaction between me and you that would let me know you or not feel alone. At first I invite you to come, I declare truth over my life. I dare to hope. I hold foolishly […]

Breathe in the Deep

So I really thought that I had this identity thing sorted out…. but then God and now I don’t even think I’ve scratched the surface. I’m like just beginning to deeply understand the reality of what it actually means that Jesus became my sin on the cross. Like I know He became sin, but He […]

All on a Tuesday

So I’ve heard some interesting things about TJCenter and I was a bit wary to go, but it had been a thought in my head all of yesterday. Since we just got done with the conference I am kinda sick of being “at church”, but I still couldn’t shake it so JLamb and I went. […]

I choose to believe

Even when I can’t see that I’m moving or growing. Even when I’m frustrated and hurting. Even when I see no progress. I will hold fast to your promises. I will declare them. I will remain in your word. I will tend to your promise. I will be still and wait in your presence. Because […]

One God

Only your love moves me- your touch is the only touch that can change the course of my life. Your fingerprints unlock my heart. I was made to love you and be loved by you. The arrows of the enemy fly past me and his attacks hit me in waves on every side, but I […]

Dad this hurt too…..

It wasn’t the usual Easter morning. It was the first holiday to pass since I had moved out. I woke up early and got all ready. I was so excited, mostly because I was finally getting to see my siblings again. They had spent the weekend at my dads and he was going to drop […]