Unpacking Love

Love the Lord your God with all you heart, soul mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself.

-Luke 10:27

This verse is an ocean of beauty, the intimacy God wants to share with his people is evident in the ways Jesus tells us to love God.

Loving God with all your heart, that means your desires, affections, and dreams. That is a place of devotion, if your loving God with all your heart you have no idols. There is no part of you withheld to another commitment. You are freely giving God all of your love and receiving from Him His perfect love. He doesn’t leave you looking for love in dry and unfruitful places, He becomes your sustenance. It is a place of complete dependence and vulnerability, where all of your scars and broken dreams are set before Him in the light. His love is kind. He takes your heart and gently repairs the broken places. He fills the emptiness and He builds you up in spirit and in truth. Trust comes from seeing who He truly is and knowing Him with all of your heart. He is good and faithful. He dreams with you dreams you could never hope to achieve on your own and then as the amazing father He is, leads you to a place where the dream becomes reality.  He wants only good things for you. Your heart was created for Him and nothing else with satisfy it. He will not share you with lesser things that will poison you and taint your heart. He created you for Him and only He can bring you to the place you were created to be.

You are not a body that has a soul, you are a soul residing in a body. Your soul and your mind are who you are on the inside- your will, disciplines, decisions, emotions, thoughts and intentions. To love God with this part of who you are is to choose Him, to put your faith in Him and surrender to Him. He is the one who trains you in righteousness so you can walk in the light of His presence. He is the one who convicts you and leads you to repentance and He is the one who transforms your mind so you can know His good pleasing and perfect will. He is not manipulative,  He will not press your boundaries or come where He is not welcome, but if you truly want to know Him with all you are, He will come and you will be forever changed.

If you love God with your heart, soul and mind it is impossible not to love Him with all of your strength also. Your strength is your gifts and your labor. When you are in love with God everything you do will be unto Him for His glory. You will not work for the approval of the authority above you in your job or the praises of other men, you will work modeling Jesus’s heart. Jesus only did things as He saw the father doing them and everything He did was to the glory of the one who sent Him and so it should be with us.

To know God is to know love, to love God with all you are is to recieve Gods love with every part of you, to be fully known by Him and to therefore see yourself as He sees you. When you know the depths of Gods love and what His love has driven Him to do for you, you are made aware of the need for Him that exists in everyone of us. You love your neighbors as yourself wanting the most for them to know God as you know Him. You walk in love as Jesus walked showing Gods heart on your sleeve. Things they say or do cease to hurt or annoy you because you know underneath is a need for God and a hunger for something more. God’s love is contagious it shines through those who have embraced it and ignites flames in those who have tasted it.


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