God is a confident as a father. He is not controlling or demanding of me. He allows me freedom to try and figure life out and learn. He lets me struggle and work and grow. He knows my need for Him burns inside me and He knows I will never be able to thrive independently away from Him. He doesnt fear that I will not grasp the fullness of who He is or that I will wander too far from His reach. He doesn’t fear that I will come to love anything from this world more than Him.

He is a perfect Father. My Daddy God doesn’t despise me because of the messes I’ve made or reject me because I’ve come into His presence tracking mud. He is completely sure of His ability to be God. He knew before he called me all of the mistakes I would make, all of the issues I would face. Nothing about me has been hidden from his sight, I am fully known. All of my flaws and imperfections are before Him and He choses to look past them because He isn’t after me to make me look perfect. He is after me for my heart, He knows who He created me to be and He sees that the person I have made myself become injures my heart. He reaches toward me to free me, to guide me and heal me. He is not intimidated by my mess.

Sometimes I feel that my circumstances and life things separate me from God, but I could never be more wrongs. He is leaned in and attentive to my every issue. When I am overwhelmed He longs for me to bring my mess to Him to let Him free me from it. Everything is better in His hands. He is gentle and patient, He waits on me in love to come to Him and open my heart. He is kind and humble, He takes my heart with a tender hand and softens it and He molds it back to its intended beauty.


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