God I thank you for the things I don’t understand.

Even though they are many and often painful to me I will continue to trust in you.

Even when I am frustrated and tension grows in me, I will hold to your promise.

Even when the pain is too much and the season too dark I will hide myself in you.

It is in the heat of the fire that the gold is refined.

Under the pressure of mountains that the diamonds are made.

It is in the darkness underground that light seeking seeds are planted.

A butterfly becomes strong only by struggling to free itself from its chrysalis.

A baby is born through its mothers labor.

I know that this season will shape me into who I need to be in the next one.

I know you are with me every step of the way.

I know your heart feels the frustrations of my heart.

The pressure, this uncomfortable state of growing is only temporary.

God still my heart cries for freedom.

Lift my face from the ground and teach my heart to soar in hope above the clouds again.

You are the strength I hold fast to in my many weaknesses guide me through this.

I will remain surrendered to your will, mold me, shape me, form me- you are the potter and I the clay.

Your heart is that of a perfect father you have only the best intentions for me.

Your will be done.




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