Its a Love Story

God is actively pursuing you.

He doesn’t withhold Himself from you.

He chases after you with all that He is.

He wants to be found by you.

He is all around you, waiting to be found by you, drawing you to Himself.

He delights in you.

You can have as much of Him as you want.

Open doors to Him and He will fill the whole space.

He is a gentleman, He will never force His way in.

He just stands at the door and knocks.

Even if you haven’t let Him into the home of your heart, He already knows the contents of all of your closets.

Don’t be led astray by the thought that you need to clean yourself up in order to reach out to God.

He loves you at your worst just as fiercely as He loves you when you are in step with Him.

Don’t let your feelings get the best of you.

Don’t be decieved by the strangers lies.

God is with you.

Say the word and He will show you.

He will overwhelm the things that overwhelm you.

He will chase away all of the shadows and clean up all of the doubt.

His truth will actively work in your life, cutting through the gunk and the grime that has built up over time spent with the world.

He proposes Himself to you.

He drank from the cup and suffered so you don’t have to.

He paid the price to make you clean and free and redeemed.

Because He is so in love with you.

He has torn the veil and won.

Locked up hell so the devil is done.

Just behold that love has come.

Spending Himself for an unfaithful bride.

But nonetheless He sees your true value.

He knows who you are and who you were made to be.

He was there when you were made.

He has watched you as you were changed by the rhythms of this word.

But now he has come to sing a song of victory over you and give you a new name.

A new place.

A father and grace.

Will you take His offering.

This sacrifice was His diamond ring.

A new covenant of relationship.

So you won’t be a slave to the sin that so easily entangles anymore.

You will be blameless, spotless, and pure.

Never alone.

For when you drink of His covenant not only are you given a new life, but a whole one.

All of the broken cracks in your soul are filled with Him.

You are born again and the Holy Spirit comes to dwell within.

He is the one who will now convict you of sin.

Out of love to keep you in relationship with Him.

He will equip you to do great things and unlock potential inside of you that you didn’t know existed.

You will be victorious more than a conqueror.

A royal warrior clothed in battle armor.

Defeating hells strongholds on earth and sharing the testimony of your rebirth.

You will colabor with God and build might fortresses.

Walking in intimate relationship with Him in the secret place.

Clothed in righteousness and walking in grace.

Seeking His face.

Humble and steadfast.

Full of truth and knowledge of Him.

Living in His presence.

Found by love, then lost in Him.


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