God and McDonald’s

So the other week my brother and I were at McDonald’s- I’m not much for fast food and neither is he, but circumstamces had it that that was where we were. Some of our family from out of town were around and it was late so most of the other restaurants had closed.

My brother and the manager talked a little, the manager was super nice to us and we laughed together.  The spent time with our fam was good and after we all left and were sitting in the car my brother turns to me and says- I think God wants me to go pray for that guy. So we talk about why and acctually one of my sisters was also with and she was completely opposed to the idea.

My brother just couldn’t shake it, the manager had told him that is mom was in the hospital three hundered miles away and she really needed help. So he and I went back in and we didn’t see the manager anywhere so we went to the bathroom and came back out and there he was sitting in one of the booths. We asked of we could pray for him and he agreed. We asked God for healing for his mom and peace over him and his siblings. He smiled and said he was thankful for the peace that washed over him and my sibs and I went on our way.

I love God, how He shows Himself in little things and stirs our hearts. I love the design God used when He made us, that He made us in His image with apart of our hearts empty without Him. We have a need for Him a hunger for Him.  Without Him my brother and I couldn’t have prayed for that man, our words would have been our own and would have been void. But because God lives in us we were led by His Spirit to do deeper greater things. God is such a good Father and He is after the hearts of His children.

Jeremiah 31:3 says,”The Lord appeared to us and said: ‘I have loved you with an everlasting love and I have drawn you to myself with unfailing kindness'”.

People need to see God for who He saus He is, so often in this world people’s image of Him becomes twisted.

Amanda Cook is one of my hero’s in the faith she has this amazing song called kind and in it she sings that God is not a tyrant king, he does not delight in suffering.

How true that is. Our God is so so so good, I am overwhelmed with His heart. His heart that sees me in my worst and loves me the same as when I am in my best. His heart that leads us to compassion and compels us to spread The Word. Jesus.

It is a fantastic love story we are apart of, I challenge you today, press in to the true nature of who God is and let His Spirit lead you, “where your trust is without borders”.

Love you all!!

(One last thing here is the youtube link for the song Kind by Amanda Cook, check it out its fantastic!)



4 thoughts on “God and McDonald’s

  1. It’s good your brother listened to God and the manager who was stressed got blessed with God’s peace. I’m sure his mother felt better. The manager now knows God is real and loves him, even when he is distressed and troubled.

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