The Caves


Sometimes if feel like instead of conquering the mountains I’m facing, God shows me different ways to travel to the other side of them. New dimensions and layers exposed in the tunnel cut through the rock of my opposition. He leads me hand in hand through the dark damp caves. Asking me to trust him, revealing to me the foundation of the mountain, being my light.

He guides me through the dark and in thus place, the place I was sure I was coming to ferociously battle no matter how messy or hard, I find beauty and peace. Calm waters slice swiftly through the rocks in an underground spring, stalactites and stalagmites rise and fall from the cieling and floor, tiny beautifuo crystals decorate the caves walls and suddenly I see this warzone as something entirely different. An adventure.

He always knew I would. He is the king of everything. Even though I was looking for the mountaintop experience I found something even better a hidden treasure on a different and deeper level, walking in intamacy with God, under the mountain.


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