Candid Rambling

Sometimes I feel lost.

I have regrets.

I’ve made mistakes.

Many acctually.

There are voices in my head that tell me many things about myself.

They tell me I’m brave.

They tell me I’m healthy.

They tell me I’m tired.

Sometimes they tell me no one wants me.

Sometimes they paint a bleak image of my world on a colorless canvas.

Sometimes they make me feel alone.

They tell me you aren’t real.

They tell me I’m foolish and crazy.

They tell me that if you are real your cruel and distant.

They lie.

Your voice also rings in my head.


Your words bring life and reverberate against my skull playing over and over in my ears.

You tell me I’m broken, but made whole and beautiful.

You tell me you see me.

You tell me to be still.

You teach me to trust.

You love.

Love is hard for me sometimes, but your patient.

That makes love easier.

Its beautiful.

You complete me.

You fulfill me.

You give me purpose.

You are my reason.

My head is a scary place sometimes,  but with you I will always be okay.


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