Fearfuly and Wonderfully Made

Christianity is an adventure!

We are all on unique custom adventures with Jesus. Not one journey is the same and the amazing thing about out multi-tasking omniscient God is that he has designed us each differently.

As an artist I get this picture, God working His best to create an amazing protfolio of beautiful pieces of perfect artwork. He works rigerously over these pieces pouring all He has into them. Upon their completion He then makes a very unexpected move, He breathes life into them and gives them mind, will and emotions of their own a soul, joy fills His heart as He sees His work fulfilling its intended purpose.

Yet darkness looms in the shadows, God is aware of the affect the enemy could have on His masterpiece, He wants to protect them, but He also wants them to know who He is, a good God who is not controling or manipulating. He wants them to trust Him and be with Him because they want to. He doesn’t want to injure the relationship between Himself and His art so He lets them choose. Confident in each unique piece He watches as they explore the world,but temptation looms.

Through a series of events the darkness decends and submerges around Gods precious labors of love. He watches in heart wrentching horor as the enemy goes to work with his tools trying to degrade and vandalize Gods artwork. Now this protfolio is scattered in a messy dreary place, mangled, twisted and confused, covered in false oropaganda of the enemy, unsure of who they really and and hurt feeling all alone.

But God the creator of these broken pieces, sees through to their created value and he pursues them with furious radical love, he sacrificed everything to redeem them, but some of them didn’t accept the price he paid. For the ones that did he rejoiced he restored then to their created value and equips them with new strength.

So our adventure begins from the moment we say yes to Jesus. The first step in the process is reestablishing our relationship with God through Jesus and by Holy Spirit and then its wherever He leads us from there.

With me we dove right into straitening out my twisted identity, he calls me chosen and when I bowed to be a servant he raised me to be a princess, his daughter. What a father we have.

With every new page of this journey I get to know him more and in different deeper ways. Knowing him is the great adventure, he calls out parts of me I didn’t know were hidden inside and he leads me on a road that is untraveled, it is an adventure. There are sacrifices to running abandoned with God, I had to ket go of the person the enemy had tricked me into believing I was so that I could becone the person God created me to be, but it was so worth it! Because when I gave God all of me he gave me all of who he is!


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