When I was a kid we would go out to South Dakota to visit my great grandma. After my great grandpa died she lived out on the farm all by herself and my mom four siblings and I would go spend nights out there to give her some company. I have so many lovely memories […]

Dad this hurt

He was kind when he offered to drive me to the library to return the book I had. He rarely brought me anywhere. I was always excited to ride with him. He was rebellious, he listened to music that Mom didn’t approve of and let me ride in the front seat. Sometimes he would bring […]

Dear Younger Me

Dear 11 year old me, It breaks my heart to think of you, just knowing everything that you will walk through. Hearing my own story as if it were someone else’s breaks my heart. I would never think of someone who has been through my testimony the way I think of myself. I would never […]

Yearn to Comfort

I remember when you were a baby. I was in Girl Scouts Still and they were trying to teach my troop how to take care of kids. Many of the girls were old enough to babysit, but many of them also had never been around a baby. You were the guinea pig. I was so […]


Yada: Hebrew: to know- to learn to know to perceive and see or find out, to discern to distinguish, to recognize to know by experience, to be acquainted with This is more than fact based knowledge. This is more than memorizing scripture. This is more than praying a well constructed prayer or singing a great […]

I love the way you loved me- miss you

I still find myself going to message you sometimes. So many things remind me of you and I think of you all the time. In worship, in the Word, in conversations and in quiet moments. I miss you. I miss our talks, your wise and understanding words of encouragement. How I didn’t have to explain […]