I was on a farm outside of a small town. It was gorgeous. Box flowers along both sides of the sidewalk going to the white house. There were many children of all ages playing outside in the yard, they all looked like siblings. Little kittens roamed around. But I wasn’t looking at the children or […]

Deep cries to…

God make me like Moses I want to speak to you face to face I want to know you and approach you with reverence and boldness. I want to be able to speak plainly with you and communicate the desires of my heart. Show me your glory God. God make me like Joshua sitting outside […]


I saw you running around me like the flash in a ring of gold light. You are my defender. I can give myself to you wholly and freely, vulnerably. You are my defender. You are my protector. You promised me. I saw DNA. You promised oneness with you. Down to my DNA I want to […]


Relationships are messy. People are messy. Jemma You are in leadership over me. You said you would never try to control me. You said I was accepted for who I am here. I shared my struggle with Leo so you would support me. But you pushed me. Was it because you wanted to threaten me […]

On my face in the mud

I do feel stuck. I don’t know what to do. I’m scared. I don’t know God as a father, I don’t know God as my creator or in intimacy. I don’t know His heart. I know lots of facts, I have a lot of the head knowledge, I like to be in control. I like […]


Truth I feel right now: I feel useless. I feel unwanted. I feel inadequate. I feel insecure. I feel anxious. I feel like a disappointment. I feel lonely. I feel separated. I feel broken. I feel like a burden. I feel like you are far from me. I feel like you are watching from a […]

striving warrior lay down your sword

Her stomping footsteps boomed and echoed off of the walls of the hallway as she marched into the throne room tracking crimson mud everywhere. She looked fierce. Her armor was splattered with dirt and blood, there were cuts and bruises covering any of her exposed skin and her long blonde hair was tattered and wild. […]