Sometimes I can’t pour enough of my heart out to get it out of my way and see your face. You say be still, but I fidget and shift like the wind. All my problems dance on clouds of thought around and around my head until the sky of my mind is a roaring loud […]

Unpacking Love

Love the Lord your God with all you heart, soul mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself. -Luke 10:27 This verse is an ocean of beauty, the intimacy God wants to share with his people is evident in the ways Jesus tells us to love God. Loving God with all your heart, that […]

heart and healing

“I want you to think back, back into your past.” One of the pastors warm voices rang clearly through the dimly lit youth sanctuary. “It might have been years ago, or months, or weeks, or for some of you maybe even days.” The room was packed with teenagers we were all on a retreat, it […]


God is a confident as a father. He is not controlling or demanding of me. He allows me freedom to try and figure life out and learn. He lets me struggle and work and grow. He knows my need for Him burns inside me and He knows I will never be able to thrive independently […]


God I thank you for the things I don’t understand. Even though they are many and often painful to me I will continue to trust in you. Even when I am frustrated and tension grows in me, I will hold to your promise. Even when the pain is too much and the season too dark […]


Tears aren’t weakness, cry. Let go. Dont fight it. Feel. Release. Get it all out. Breathe. Hold onto hope. Surrender. Let God minister to your heart in a way only he can. No regrets. Don’t look back. Keep your eyes fixed. Fixed on light. Fixed on the future. Locked with Gods eyes. No fear. Moving […]

A Tribute in Black and White

Sometimes it the storm surrounding that propels me to land Its the fierce and unforgiving wind and waves that move and bring me exactly where I need to be in line with Gods perfect plan. Its the attack of the enemy that brings me to grip more tightly the refuge that is God my father. […]